The fine liner
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Trust this experienced Teflon lining company

Finding a professional Teflon lining company that has the right solution for you and your company, can be more difficult than what you expected. Patrian Equipment has the technical solution available for a wide variety of industrial clients. Think about chemical, petrochemical, food, power and the pharma industry for example. This Teflon lining company uses different beneficial production methods to guarantee the best possible workflow and service. They reduce energy loss in an active way, minimalize the harmful risk of corrosion, a faster lead time and a longer lifespan of their applications. But that’s not everything! A lower installation cost and low maintenance process costs are two more keywords of this Teflon lining company.

What they can do for your industrial business

PTFE spaces and insulated pipes are just two examples of the areas of expertise of this Teflon lining company in Belgium. We gladly list a few benefits of their manufacturing and production process below:

  • Cryo-cold and heat-traced solutions that fit the needs of your business perfectly.
  • Special applications for drain water tubes, greasy wastewater and pipe-in-pipe applications where cast iron tubes are required.
  • No corrosion leads to a zero-cost maintenance. For professional piping constructors, this technique offers a fast project time project and a high-quality insulation. It requires less organisation and logistic steps.
  • Underground piping for utilities such as district cooling, heating, hot water or hot air.

For every product, Patrian Equipment only uses materials of the highest quality in the industry. Their seamless or stainless steel, carbon steel, copper pipes and glassfiber reinforced epoxy are well-known for their durability and high effectiveness.

You can always ask for more information

Do you want to discuss the options and approach of this Teflon lining company? Don’t be afraid to contact them. Whether you are a business in the chemical industry, a laboratorial company, a semi-conductor industry, a bio-diesel company or a specialized business in water treatments. Phone them, send them an e-mail or fill in the online contact form to get started.